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Come learn at Fullerton Arboretum!

Classes are available most Saturday mornings

Register by clicking on a link or by calling (657) 278-3407


Tuesday Evenings in the Garden - Meet wolves, foxes, hawks, falcons and relax with yoga poses under the stars

Thursdays in the Kitchen Cooking Series - With Jonathan Dye & Jonathan Duffy Davis

Yoga in the Garden - Saturday mornings and every third Wednesday night of the month!

Bug Safaris - Kids and adults can go on safari!

Composting Class Series - City-sponsored and award-winning class series

Eat the Yard - Thriving Edible Landscape

Nature Photography - Learn how to use space, light, and time to take better photos

ArtPlantae's Tania Marien Series - Gain interest in plants through art, science, and interpretation

Pruning with Ismael Vargas - Learn to prune native, drought tolerant plants and ornamental and frurit trees

Aveda - Exclusive workshops

Propagation - Learn to propagate plants and trees


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**Please note: There are no refunds on class payments.  Your cancellation is  considered a donation to support the Fullerton Arboretum.  Thank you.